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Augustin Rebetez at Pepper House Residency, Kochi

Swiss artist Augustin Rebetez is in Kochi, India to avail of a residency he has been offered at the Pepper House. His residency will involve community engagement. Image: Augustin Rebetez. >>

BIG-GAME to visit India

Swiss product and interior design studio BIG-GAME will deliver a talk on 'Functionalism' in Bangalore and Goa and present 'Q&A' in collaboration with Indian designer Itu Chaudhuri. >>

Markus Kirchhofer at Long Night of LiteratureS 2016

Swiss German author Markus Kirchhofer will represent Switzerland at the Long Night of LiteratureS 2016, an evening of literary encounters. >>

Swiss photography books at PondyPHOTO 2016

A collection of Swiss books on photography will be on display at the Swiss PHOTO Corner at Kasha Ki Aasha in Pondicherry. >>

Pepper House Residency, Kochi invites Augustin Rebetez

Swiss artist Augustin Rebetez will be in India this August to avail of a residency he has been offered at the Pepper house Residency. >>

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