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Ariana Pradal invited for Experimenter Curator's Hub

After Giovanni Carmine, Adam Szymczyk, Oliver Kielmayer, Patrick Gosatti and Nadia Schneider Willen, it's Swiss curator Ariana Pradal next at the 6th edition of the Experimenter Curators' Hub 2016 in Kolkata. More

DRAFT | The Zurich Conference

An initiative by Khanabadosh (Mumbai) and Institute for Contemporary Art Research (IFCAR), Zurich University of the Arts >>

Meet Swiss curator Ariana Pradal

Ariana Pradal, industrial designer, journalist and curator will be in India for the Experimenter Curator's Hub in Kolkata and will also deliver a talk in Delhi. >>


Swiss author David Collin collaborates with Indian writer Samrat Choudhury and illustrator Anindya Roy >>

Manifesta 11

The eleventh edition is hosted by the city of Zurich and runs from 11 June until 18 September 2016 and carries the title 'What People Do for Money.' >>

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