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Sound Reasons Festival IV | Sound Art and Electronic Music

A festival for sound art, contemporary Jazz and electronic music, Sound Reasons will take place in India from 4 Dec 2015 to 22 January 2016 with musicians and artists from Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and India. >> 

Nik Bärtsch to tour India with zen-funk quartet RONIN

Swiss pianist & composer Nik Bärtsch will tour India this November 2015 with RONIN, a quartet that proceeds with the work on his 'ritual groove music'. >>

Cie Gilles Jobin presents QUANTUM in India

Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin, recipient of the Swiss Grand Award for Dance 2015 presents QUANTUM, an innovative dance performance in Bangalore and Delhi. >>

The Swiss List

The Swiss List in partnership with Seagull Books is an effort to bring Swiss literature to readers around the world. >>

The Draft Project

Draft is a year-long project that is anchored in nine cities across the world, and will engage with critical discourses and practices in relation to the public sphere. >>

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