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Today at 24 Jorbagh! Sound Reasons lll

Sound Art installations by Marcus Maeder, Timo Kahlen, Ish S (diFfused beats), Lars Lundehave Hansen, Salome Voegelin , Farah Mulla and Thomas Peter. These installations will mark the opening of the festival. >> 

Sound Reasons 2014

Festival for sound art, contemporary Jazz and electronic music is back with performances in Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, Dhaka and Colombo. >>

Greenwoman - Malcolm Braff India tour

After his residency in India in early 2014, where he created his new project Greenwoman, Malcolm Braff tours India with his band. >>

Sachin George Sebastian awarded the FICA Emerging Artist Award 2014

As the recipient of the award, Sachin George Sebastian will be traveling to Switzerland, for a three-month studio-residency at Rote Fabrik in 2015. >>

The Emerging Feminine

A book by Rashna Imhasly - Gandhy, The Emerging Feminine unearths the rich and unexplored traditions of female heroism by scrutinizing and identifying strong female characters from our mythology. >>

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